Captivation Park

In Memory of These Wonderful Horses
That Have Touched Our Lives

Sidonia Park Alexis 
Mede - Chipala Cherida
1987 - 2009

  • "The Jewel Of Our Nile"
    This impeccably bred beautiful mare Was CP 's Most treasured asset !!!
    She had an  overwhelming  Natural Flamboyant  Arabian Presence
    , Charisma , Beauty ,  
    that demanded attention where ever she went !!
    Alexis was leased then later purchased from Sidonia Park Arabians in February 1994 at the age of 7
    After sitting in the paddock for 4 years Alexis started her show carer with us just 10 days after arriving !!
    She went to 6 agricultural shows over 9 weeks and was Supreme at all of them.
    She then went to the breakers and the rest they say was history !!
    Alexis`s last outing was at The Bendigo Equine Expo as the Arabian Fairy Horse of which
    she was well know for  just 3 weeks before we lost her ..

    The day that broke our hearts 12.12.09 ..Alexis just looked unwell and stopped eating on Friday morning 
     l kept checking her all day and even though lex would ask for the food l
    couldnt entice her to eat even a carrot she just clamped her mouth shut
    and would turn her head away but would talk as l left the paddock.. lex was still the same at feed time
     ..this behaviour just wasnt Alexis so l rang the vet ..
    After Jud arrived about 5pm and did her examination the only things that she found was her
    temperature was low and she had a foul odour in her mouth..
    so Jud did some dental work but couldnt find any bad teeth or abscess's
    so it was a mystery ,Jud staying on the safe side treated  Alexis for everything as a possibility
    and was given along with other medications a brood spectrum antibiotic
     Jud left  at around 7.30pm ...We keep a close eye on Lex at 9.30pm lex still wouldnt eat but kept asking for it..
    At 11pm Wayne went to check her and came running into the house screaming that Lex has gone blind ..
    by the time we both got back to lex it was apsolut carnage
     she had gone through 4 fences and walked into tree`s and was down
    wrapped in wire and star pickets.. l knew as soon as l shone the torch on her Lex was gone  she
    was alive but she had no expression just a blank look ..l couldnt get a head stall on her she was just a dead weight
     ..We rang Jud while we were waiting all of a sudden Lex started to get up ,
    the state lex was in l didnt think she had any hope at al of getting up ...we couldnt stop her she was to
    strong and just determond to get up .. she managed to get out of the wire ..At this stage
    we knew she had lost her hearing as well ...after lex got up the worst of that night started ..
    she was off on a mission walk with no sight or hearing heading to the highway
    Wayne managed to get a roap around her neck
    and some how get her back through the fench where l was holding  Freckles
    (l couldnt get Freck out of the paddock as all the fences were down with wire every where)

    lex was still on a mission and as she and wayne got back in the paddock.. l tried to block her but
    Lex pushed through Freck and me l managed to raped Freck`s lead roap around lex`s nose to try and help
    Wayne to control and stop her  ,but no amount of calming words or restraining made any difference to lex .
    The mission lasted about 10mins before all of a sudden lex stopped and stood all be it wobbly
     and we managed to get the head stall on but we left the nose roap on as it did give
    us a little bit more control in turning her.. by this stage lex had now lost every other sense she had ,
    she had no , feeling, smell, coordination ,Wayne & My tears were streaming as we were patting ,
    talking to lex but there was no response at all not even a twitch when l touched her..the only
    word l can find is lex was a was so heart breaking 
    as Jud lived an hour away we just had to do the best we could but lex would have these on
    a mission turn`s about every 10mins so for a hour it was hell..
    We tried to use Freck to block lex from going off on her missions but she would just barge through Freck
    As Jud arrived lex had the worst of these turns
    We had such a battle to control her with no senses at all..  Lex`s  strength was of unbelievable magnitude
    l lost my part of control and Wayne was the only one trying to stop her and get her through it..
    so Jud could get near her to sedate her..this turn was just to violent for Jud or myself to get near lex
     it was a nightmare as she was still able to get up and go a few paces before her legs would
    give way and she would fall and the falls were horrific landing on her head, back ect
     but would we had to just get lex through it so Jud could sedate her then put lex down..
    It was the most horrific thing we have
    ever been through and wouldn`t want  horse or anyone else to go through this
  • Lex`s autopsy results showed all major organs were all perfect.. They couldn`t pinpoint the exact problem
    but the 2 probabilities on the blood work are lex had either a Tumor or Brain Infection
    The Autopsy also revealed that lex had a bigger than average heart .. but we knew that already
  • Lex was layed to rest the next morning in her`s & Freck`s paddock

Rest In Peace My Beautiful Lady

Chardonnay Park Jezzabeal (2008)

We have some sad news from Chardonnay Park Arabians our beautiful mare Chardonnay Park Jezzabeal was layed to rest 22.10.08 for 6 weeks they  tried to save Milly but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be..
Milly spelling was in  their 200 acre paddock with 3 of her buddies and we noticed she seemed a little lame
we bought her home and called our vet who is an expert in the field of laminits, she had the early stages of laminitis .. She was put on a strict diet but unfortunately Milly didn't respond.

Milly was a beautiful Mare possessing the same beauty & grace  as her mother & the stamina and cheeky ways of her father

Milly was extremely successful in the show ring winning many Champions in led & Ridden Arabian and Open classes , and with the added bonus  of the all round versatile Arabian , competing and winning in Dressage,One Day Eventing, Street Parades Milly was bred by CP and is a great loss to their stud and we will miss her terribly
On A Personal note, I had was very lucky to have the opportunity to Break Milly in and Show her under saddle for 3 Years, she was a very Classy, Elegant little lady and will be sadly missed. Farewell My Princess Milly Moo!!!

Mede (2008)

We have some very sad news From Dot & Tom Evans of Sidonia Park Arabians Newbridge Victoria
On The 24/7/08 The Evans Family said good bye to their much loved & adored Senior
Stallion & Best Friend " MEDE"  "The Lion Hearted Horse"  at the age of  32 years..
" Mede " was sired  by the Super Stallion  "Aethon" out of the beautiful mare "Rizzi"   
This Absolutely Beautiful Little Stallion has been a part of the Evans family for over
26 years enriching theirs and many others lives with his gentle loving nature , beauty , grace
and stamina .. and sometimes cheeky ways
Many of you may remember this Little Stallion was diagnosed with a leaking heart valve in March 1999
after Dot found him in cardiac arrest and after much veterinary research he was put on
human heart tablets (Digoxin) 
("Mede" Survival Story)   , but ironically it wasn't his heart that
took him  ... he fractured a bone in his pastern  
For many years "Mede" adorned the show ring with his captivating  natural presence , grace and
beauty that portrays "Arabian Stallion"  thus making him the multi Champion that he was ..  
"Mede" was and will be for many years to come an asset and strong influence to the Arabian
Horse Industry . ... His very precious old bloodlines have produced many Multi Supreme
Champion Show & performance horses,that  have in the past and are still today  competing
and winning at the highest levels of open and Arabian levels ....
 Our condolences to Dot & Tom and Family On your Sad loss
On a personal note :
l feel very  privileged that  "Mede " was and will be a big part of my life for ever and a day.
And for Dot & Tom giving us the opportunity to have him sire our very Treasured Little Stallion Chardonnay Park Spiderman, Sexy Lexy and Our Precious Milly Moo
Good bye my friend and Thankyou "MEDE" may we meet again one



Ellesmere Park Charlottes Web (2007)

Chardonnay Park Spiderman  - Tiawarra Sadaqa

 We were so upset to here this gorgeous filly after 10 long months of hard work and painstaking treatments,Belinda of Ellesmere Park Arabians had to make the painstaking decision that Charlotte had endured enough. Our Condolences to Belinda


Bonnie & Bobby (2006)

In Partnership with Ellesmere Park we decided to breed a Arabian Cross Clydesdale

Inarell Lady Linda "Bonnie" had previously foaled two perfect Champion Clydesdale foals and was given to us to breed with, she was a lovely roan mare with a great temperament.

Bobby was the first son of Ellesmere Parks stallion Tiawarra El Barakah. Born with a lot of assistance on November 15 2006, Tragically, Bonnie died foaling, and left us to help her precious colt "Bobby" into the world. Bobby was a lovely bay roan, with the longest legs we had ever seen!! He was already off to a shaky start with the loss of his mum, but we were determined to try to save him. After just two weeks, Bobby began to fail, and despite veterinary assistance, he didn't pick up. At three weeks of age he was hospitalised, but was euthanased when all attempts to save his life were fruitless. A lovely little guy, from whom we learned so much. Sadly missed.


Chipala Cherida 

Arabian Park Nureyev   -   Casheen

Chardonnay Parks  Beautiful foundation purebred mare Cherida, Who they lost under tragic circumstances ,she was the most
beautiful , kind , gentle mare with so many special qualities but her greatest was being a mum,
she adored her babies even if they wernt hers, having reared at the same time an orphan foal whilst rearing her own. Having retained one of her home bred sons CP Spiderman, and Chardonnay Park purchasing Her daughter Sidonia Park Alexis in both these horses Cherida's specialqualities are ever present in our lives and remind us every day with a smile just how much of a treaure she was ,but sadly also reminds us of what we lost 

Gone But Never Forgotten