Captivation Park

Chardonnay Park Baby

Babe was born in 1986, mum bought her and her mother in 1987 when baby was 6 months old

Baby was a feisty little foal, resisting everything we did with her due to the fact she was not handled until we

 got her. She was my first real serious show and pony club horse we competed for quite a few years and very

successfully I might add until Sidonia Park Alexis came along in 1995.

She had a very near death experience when she was about six, she ended up with really bad colic and had to

be operated on due to the twisted bowel, Mum slep with her day and night until she was well enough to come

home from the vets. Alexis came along after Baby lost her long awaited foal by mede due to being overdue

and the little colt squizz got pnuemonia and saddly passed away.

Baby has always been around to help with the breaking in of horses or just as a paddock mate,

unfortunately due to losing the foal our attempts to get her in foal again have always been unsuccessful.



Im All Glory

Fudge is a Thoroughbred Mare that I leased off a good friend as a four year old. Since then Fudge

has competed successfully in ODE, Dressage and showing. ODE's are her favorite, she has won on

most courses in Victoria. After foaling Web of Perfection, Fudge's lease was up, but her owner

decided to give her to me. I have had numerous Thouroughbreds in my time and they are renowned

for being a bit silly and I did vow never to get one again.

Fudge is the exception to the Rule, she is very quiet and I have had beginner riders on her and

she is very well behaved. Her temperament is so good she can go straight from Showjumping ring to

the Dressage ring and be relaxed.

Fudge is currently at Chardonnay Park, getting Fat, hopefully in foal to Forest Inn Kazmon

(Chardonnay Parks New Stallion)