Captivation Park

Est 2001

Captivation Park is located in Huntly near Bendigo Victoria.

 We work in Conjunction with chardonnay Park Arabians

situated in Sebastian Victoria.



After moving out of home at Chardonnay Park I set up the foundations for my own stud. 

I have been riding Chardonnay Park Spiderman since he was four so I knew he was always

going to be a part of my life and breeding program. I was very kindly given Im all glory

(fudge) from a friend on a lease. After Web of Perfection was born she decided to sign

fudge over to me, so now I had my own mare to breed with.

After I competed sucessfully on Fudge in Dressage and ODE I deceided that we need

to breed some more foals from her so Roxy was then born. Roxy has been sold to

Zameel Arabians with hope of an Endurance Career.

Chardonnay Park Spiderman is now retired. (2008)

Web Of Perfection is hopefully going to have a foal and a big 2 year holiday (2009)

Chardonnay Park Copykat is going all the way to the top,

to follow in his daddys footsteps! (2009)